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How to clean a house before moving

2 August, 2021
How to clean a house before moving


Moving to another house is always a stressful process, although on the other hand it is always done with the illusion of moving to a more suitable and cozy space. This does not take away the heavy workload that comes our way. Whether it is a rental or a sale it will be necessary to leave the house clean and presentable. This way the potential new tenants will get a good impression, especially if the house is owned. 

In any case, moving house is hard enough work without having to dedicate ourselves to cleaning the house in depth. It is highly advisable to hire the services of a company that specializes in emptying and cleaning, as on many occasions we will leave furniture and some things that we do not want in the house, so it will be necessary to first carry out a complete emptying and then do a thorough cleaning.

We will give you some tips so you can clean the house and leave it very well for future tenants. 

 Remove all personal property, this includes emptying closets. It is a good time to sell or donate all those things we never use. It is important to leave the house completely empty before starting to clean, so it will be much easier and faster to do the cleaning.

– Clean the kitchen appliances, especially the inside of the refrigerator, oven and microwave; they tend to accumulate dirt and debris from cooking with them and it gives a very bad impression to leave them dirty.

 Clean the inside of the cabinets, including those in the kitchen and bathroom. Surely in this last pass you still find something you had left behind.

Make sure that what you throw away is sorted so that you keep an order and can donate or recycle what you will no longer use. 

That is why we recommend you to count on a specialized company. With the help of our professionals you will forget about not knowing what to do with all the waste you take out of your house. 

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