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10 Yards


Ideal for heavy loads like concrete/soil or a few yards of materials. CLEAN CONCRETE. Do not mix it with rocks, roots, grass, soil, brick, sand, C&D, or any other material CLEAN SOIL. Do not mix it with rocks, roots, grass, concrete, brick, sand, C&D, or any other material GENERAL DEBRIS. Junk or trash, Roofing, yard waste, rock or bricks, wood, metal, plastic or paper. No concrete or dirt.

-Intended for wood, roofing, drywall, cardboard, metal, plastic, paper, and C&D Do not load dirt and concrete here The overweight fee is $150/extra ton You can have the dumpster for 7 days (Extra Day Fee $50)

One of the smallest dumpster of the family, holds 10 Cubic Yards of Heavy Debris. Some materials need to be handled differently than standard trash and concrete because that materials cant be recycled.

Good for asphalt, soil, gravel, sand, rocks, mixed load ( Construction projects and demolition), bricks & Mansory (Chimneys and hardscape).


- Delivery
- 7 Days Rental
- Pick Up
- Unlimited Wieght & Taxes

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Fits 4 Pickup Truck Beds


  • Space Requirements
    50 feet of straight line access and 21 feet in height. *Not responsible for any damage to property
  • Deliveries and pickup
    6:00 am and 6:00 pm
    We recommend scheduling delivery one day in advance of your expected use and also one day in advance of your pickup date
  • 8 & 10 cubic yard
    If mud or wet concrete is improperly placed into these containers, it will be a minimum charge of $150.00
  • Green Waste/wood are subject to weight limit
    It will be a minimum charge of $140/ton for the removal thereof.
  • Special or additional deliveries
    Special or additional deliveries/pickups/re-spots are $150.00/ea
  • Rental rates
    Rental rates are based on 7-day calendar, additional days are charged at a rate of $25.00 per day
  • Dirt and rock containers are not subject to weight limits
    Dirt and rock containers are not subject to weight limits. Dirt, rocks, concrete, asphalt, sand, brick, tar. But it will be a minimum charge of $150 for the removal of any other material
  • Parking permits is customer's responsability
    Parking permits is customer’s responsability.
    As a result of any wait time, contractree will be charged a minimum of $150/.00*hour prorated by the minute
  • Metal
    Not subject to weight limit. Scrap metals only or metal appliances.
    Minimum of $50 for each metal appliane.
  • Additional Fees
    Additional fees will apply if container of any size is filled above specific level, $80/each extra cubic yard. Exchanges of returns due to space restrictions or related issues will be incurred at an additional delivery fee of $150.00


  • Clean concrete
    Clean concrete only concrete, without any kind of metal, extra material at the time of the pickup, contractee will be charged $250 extra
  • No hazardous materials
    No hazardous materials include oil, paint, chemicals, asbestos, treated wood, fluorescent bulbs, house-hold cleaners and any other items defined as hazardous by federal, state or local laws
  • Additional Fees
    Tires: $50.00
    Mattres/box spring sofa/ couch/ large or bulk items: $50.00
    Refrigerator or A/C equipment (any item w/freon) $80.00
  • Recycling receipt(s)
    If you desire a recycling receipt(s), please do so prior to the date your container is cheduled to be delivered so that we may ensure proper records and tracking
  • Containers/receptacles
    Containers/receptacles that cannot be transported must be unloaded by contractee and, may result in causing contractee to be charged additional trip fees. Cdr will identify the amount as they incur.
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