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4 Points to Recognize If a Company is Reliable

21 January, 2021
4 Points to Recognize If a Company is Reliable


Thanks to the current free-market economy we can do business quickly with people, companies, and institutions inside or outside our country. However, no one is exempt from being cheated. During the year 2020, we realized that now more than ever it is very easy to create networks and that the competition is now more visible than ever, that is why you have to consider some key factors to know if a company is reliable.

Every day many organizations are affected by ghost companies, informal businesses, suppliers who do not fulfill what they promise, companies that are no longer in business, or professionals who provide services without having the corresponding permits by law, and as we said, in the digital world in which we live now, it may be easier to be fooled, but not everything is bad, you can also even find companies that comply with everything you are looking for.

What is being a formal and reliable company?

Formalizing a company means accrediting your business before different state organizations in a certain country, formalizing is getting legal identity before the state, having rights and duties both commercial and mercantile. Formalization generates trust, always remember this point

How do you recognize the degree of trust in a company?

The companies must maintain certain characteristics that make them perceive reliable, here we mention 4 main characteristics: Formality, business activity status, Portfolio, Digital Presence.

1. Formal company:

The most essential thing that a business must have is that it be formal recognized before prestigious or governmental entities. Being formal must be the main requirement to be able to negotiate, make purchases or other commercial activity with a company.

2. Business Activity Status:

After knowing if a business exists and is formal, it is necessary to consider other data that can expand our knowledge about the level of professionalism of a company,

3. Portfolio

That is, documents that validate your recommendations regarding the services previously provided for other companies.

4. Digital Presence

Companies that have a website (own domain) where all the company information is displayed, active social networks, e-mails with domain generate confidence.

Considering these 4 points will help you to have all the security that when hiring the services of any company, no doubt you will feel calm and know that the work they will do is just what you were looking for, so we invite you to always consider these 4 points that are important.

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